2020-01-09 Application information

Application Information  入學資訊

Chinese Program, Language Center, NCHU   中興大學語言中心華語班



1.    Application Requirements 申請資格

A)  Applicants must be over 18 years old with at least high school degree or its equivalent.


B)   Applicants must have financial proof to support the studies and stay in Taiwan.



2.    How to Apply 申請流程

A)  Submit the following documents: 繳交以下文件

l  A completed application form  入學申請書

l  A photocopy of your passport or ARC  護照或是ARC影本

l  A copy of the certificates of your highest degree or proof of education


l  Financial statements issued within the past 6 months


The application materials can be submitted in person, by mail or by email.


B)   Admitted applicants will receive the admission letter, if needed, within 2 weeks


C)  Admitted applicants should enroll and pay the tuition during the previous week before the program begins.



3.    Notes to Students 注意事項

A)  Applicants who do not submit all required application materials listed above will not be accepted.


B)   For those who are rejected, Language Center reserves the right to inform you of the reasons.


C)  Courses are mainly taught in Chinese while making English subsidiary.


D)  Besides standard syllabus, instructors are entitled to alter their teaching plans. If students are not satisfied with the courses, please talk to the instructors or withdraw from the class.


E)   Refund application should be submitted within 2 weeks after the program starts. Please refer to “Refund Information and Conditions” for related regulations.


F)   Students who are absent for more than 40 hours, are not allowed to apply for the next term or admission within 6 months.


G)  Students who do not pass the Final Exam will be disqualified for the registration for the upper level. Alternatively, you can register for the class at the same level again, and only one re-registration is permitted.


H) Students who attend Chinese Program are foreigners. You are not eligible for the rights for NCHU students.  For example free to entrance the library and sports facilities.


I)     We do not provide any dormitory.


J)     The visa information is for your reference only. We are not liable to any errors or legal actions resulting from this posting.


K)  If you are against ROC Laws or regulations of the Chinese Program, or provide false information, your enrollment will be cancelled immediately.


L)   Your signature on the application form acknowledges that you fully understand and agree with the terms and conditions stated on the application form and above.



Refund Information and Conditions


1.        此處所指退費僅限學費,報名費恕不退還。
The refund hereby refers to the tuition, not including the registration fee.

2.        參加短期班(未滿八週)者,恕不退費。
We do not accept your refund application if the program you attend is a short-term one (less than 8 weeks).

3.        學員於報名繳費後於開課前無法就讀者,得申請退還所繳學費九成。
If a student has paid the full tuition but decides to quit before the program begins, he/she is eligible for a refund of 90% of the tuition.

4.        學員於開課後兩週內退班者,得申請退還所繳學費七成。
If a student has paid the full tuition but decides to quit during the first two weeks of the program, he/she is eligible for a refund of 70% of the tuition.

5.        學員於開課後第三週至第四週之間退班者,得申請退還所繳學費五成。
If a student has paid the full tuition and decides to quit during the third or the fourth week of the program, he/she is eligible for a refund of 50% of the tuition.

6.        學員於開課第五週後則不予退費。
If a student has paid the full tuition and decides to quit after the beginning of the fifth week, he/she is not eligible for any refund.

7.        請於退費截止日期之前提出退費申請,否則不予退費。
The refund application must be received by the Language Center before the deadline or no refund will be given.

8.        依規定,退費一律退款至學員本人或直系親屬之帳戶。
The refund will be wired to the student’s bank account or one commissioned by the student.

9.        學期中缺席之課程,不予退費,亦不得申請保留。
Students who take leaves of absence relinquish their refunding privileges for the missing school day(s) and the missing school day(s) cannot be reserved to the terms after.